• Combo Pack

    Combo Pack

    “Combo Pack” is a self produced experimental comics ‘zine. Each issue is produced as a limited edition featuring comics, special projects and writing. >>

  • Dream Weapon

    Dream Weapon

    “The Launching of the Dream Weapon” is a 70 page comic story centered on a small group of archeologists exploring the ruined husks of ancient giant sporting robots... >>

  • 2000's


    Latest comic work presented here. Messages from the gods, funny animals living on a commune,etc... Comics for the new millennia... >>

  • 1990's


    Original experiments in graphic style and storytelling. Continuing the ideas of collage aesthetic that came from doing Funny Garbage comics. >>

  • 1980's


    In the 1980’s the original Funny Garbage comics were produced, defining a graphic approach which would inform the aesthetics the Funny Garbage design Studio. >>