Children's Books

  • Lance Lightning

    Lance Lightning

    Pro skateboarder Lance Lightning's journey to the legendary Golden Peacock at the end of the Riding Road. Along the way he helps break the tie score of an ancient baseball game. >>

  • Magic Villiage

    Magic Villiage

    In the Magic Villiage, each room of each building is an enchanted world in and of itself, home to a myriad of people, animals, creatures, and plants. >>

  • Hide & Seek

    Hide & Seek

    A bunch of little friends play a game of hide & seek in the interesting world of a backyard garden. >>

  • Misc. Concepts

    Misc. Concepts

    Portfolio of illustrations showing different story concepts and characters. >>

  • A Flake Like Mike

    A Flake Like Mike

    A Flake Like Mike is a holiday book for Sak's 5th Ave. Meet Mike, the first unique snowflake in Snowflake City - an inspiration for flakes everywhere. >>